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Spring Session 2023

The class has selected:

Do I Stay Christian: A Guide for the Doubters, the Disappointed, and the Disillusioned by Brian McLaren

This book is new this year and has three sections. The first is the No answer, the second, Yes, and the third How. This book is both apologetic for Christ and Christianity and gives fair reason for Church critics. I don't suppose this will be an easy read, but it would be good for those who wish to have a conversation about Christ with insiders and outsiders.

Please volunteer for one or more of the weeks below marked "Volunteer." Let Doug or Marty Know. Thanks!

Date Instructor Topic
Part I The “No” Answer
February 5 Doug Olena Introduction to Do I Stay Christian, setting up the Spring study.
“Introduction” and Chapter 1. “Because Christianity has Been Vicious to Its Mother
February 12 Catherine McGee 2. “Because of Christianity’s Suppression of Dissent
(Christian vs. Christian Violence)”
3. “Because of Christianity’s High Global Death Toll—and Life Toll
(Crusader Colonialism)”
February 19 Don Tosh 4. “Because of Christianity’s Loyal Company Men”
5. “Because of Christianity’s Real Master
February 26 Don Tosh 6. “Because of the White Christian Old Boys’ Network
(White Patriarchy)”
7. “Because Christianity Is Stuck
(Toxic Theology)”
March 5 Eric Friesen 8. “Because Christianity Is a Failed Religion
(Lack of Transformation)”
9. “Because of Christianity’s Great Wall of Bias
(Constricted Intellectualism)”
10. “Because Christianity Is a Sinking, Shrinking Ship of Wrinkling People
Part II The “Yes” Answer
March 12 Marty Mittelstadt 11. “Because Leaving Hurts Allies
(and Helps Their Opponents)”
12. “Because Leaving Defiantly or Staying Compliantly Are Not My Only Options”
13. “Because … Where Else Would I Go?”
March 16-18 This is the SPS meeting in Tulsa. We have decided to cancel class on the 19th.
March 19 There will be no class today
March 26 Lois Olena 14. “Because It Would Be a Shame to Leave a Religion in Its Infancy”
15. “Because of Our Legendary Founder”
16. “Because Innocence Is an Addiction, and Solidarity Is the Cure”
April 2 Don Tosh 17. “Because I’m Human”
18. “Because Christianity Is Changing (for the Worse and for the Better)”
April 9 There will be no Sunday School today. ET will be hosting a visiting day and we are invited to be hosts.
April 16 Doug Olena 19. “To Free God”
20. “Because of Fermi’s Paradox and the Great Filter”
Part III The “How” Answer
April 23 Doug Olena 21. “Include and Transcend”
22. “Start with the Heart”
April 30 Don Tosh 23. “Re-Wild”
24. “Find the Flow”
May 7 Don Tosh 25. “Re-Consecrate Everything”
26. “Renounce and Announce”
May 14 Marty Mittlestadt 27. “Stay Loyal to Reality”
28. “Stay Human”