We meet on Zoom for the near future

Summer 2019 Studies

June and last three weeks of August Study

This is an introduction to Doug Olena's book God and the Universe: A Spirited Query of the Great Questions in Emergent Terms

Led by Doug Olena
June 2Doug OlenaDownload Introduction
June 9Doug OlenaDownload Chapter 1
June 16Doug OlenaChapter 1 again
June 23Doug OlenaDownload Chapter 2
June 30Doug OlenaChapter 2, Download Presentation: Introduction, Chapters 1 and 2
In July and the first week of August we will hear from some of our class members about things they are working on. No dates have been decided yet, and these members have not yet assented to being volunteered, so the dates occupied by these class members are only temporary.
July 7Almost everybody was gone!
July 14David AwbreyRead: “Heathens of the Press” and “Ayn Rand’s Stanford”
July 21LaDonna Friesen
July 28Nate Nelson
August 4Bob BergOriginal Sin
August 11Geoff SuttonPresentation: Near final research on “Identity and Moral Foundations”

Back to God and the Universe
August 18Doug OlenaDownload Chapter 3
August 25Doug OlenaDownload Chapter 4, (As far as I got!)
September 1Panera DayParty Yea!!! We will meet at 9 AM
in the Panera across from the Mall on Battlefield
September 2Party at Christie Tosh's HouseParty Yea!!! Come at Noon.
Everything will be provided!