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Fall 2018 Study, Islam

Islamic Exodus: Into the freedom of Christ (Click to get)
by Sobhi Malek

Yusuf Ali English Translation of the Qur'an (Click to get)

Led by Class Members and Guests

Mark and Lynda Hausfeld have agreed to visit us from time to time to help guide the study. Members of ET, they have been missionaries in Pakistan, and area directors. Mark has been President of AGTS, and participant in Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples. Lynda, working with Global Initiative has developed a program called Say Hello to reach Muslim women. Both have long experience with Muslim people and helping them find Christ, and with Christians helping them open their hearts to Muslim people.

Hausfeld Resource:
Sep 9Doug OlenaKick Off: Introduction
Sep 16Stan BurgessPart One: Man, Book, Traditions
Sep 23Bob BergPart One: Qur'an: Sura 29
Sep 30Mark HausfeldThe Traditions of Islam
Sep 30The Hadith (Traditions of Muhammed) Here or Here
Christian Views: Wiki Islam and Answering Islam
Oct 7Geoff SuttonPart Two: Keys to understanding Islam and Muslims
Oct 7Resource: Notes for Sunday and Our Man in Tehran PBS documentary about life in Iran
Oct 14Doug OlenaPart Two: Din Presentation
Oct 21Eric FriesenPart Two
Oct 28Lynda HausfeldPart Two
Nov 4Rumy HristovaPart Three: Islam and the Church • Presentation
Nov 4Scripture links between Christians, Jews, and Islam and
Muslim and Christian views of one another and The Spread of Islam in Asia
Nov 11Mark HausfeldThe Bible: Notes and Presentation for both days.
Nov 18Mark HausfeldThe Trinity: Father Son language in translation
Full Paper and Summary
Nov 25Lois OlenaPart Four: Notes and Conversation
Dec 2Marty MittelstadtPart Four: Challenge and opportunity
Dec 9Renée GriffithPart Four
Dec 16Mark HausfeldPart Four
Dec 23Donna KrstulovichCafés and evangelism

Resources for Islamic study

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? A debate between Miroslav Volf and Nabeel Qureshi