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Summer Session 2022

This Summer, like last summer looking at Portraits of Jesus, we will be exploring Portraits of Paul

May 8Geoff SuttonFood for discussion of Paul:
Book review of Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan's The First Paul, and “A House Divided”, St. Paul and Christians Divided About Women.
May 15Geoff SuttonPaul's Conversion.
May 22LaDonna FriesenThe Happy Prince and Pictures and Comments
May 29Eric FriesenOne Faith No Longer
June 5Rumy HristovaPortraits of Paul using Paul, Philippi, and Philippopolis
Summary and Slides
June 12Lois OlenaPaul: Apostle to the Gentiles?
June 19Marty MittelstadtPortraits of Paul
June 26Lois OlenaThe Noachide Laws
July 3Doug OlenaPaul and the Material Spirit
Holy Moment
July 10Stan BurgessMoses Maimonides and the Guide for the Perplexed, a profile of Paul, the “great Confuser-in-chief.”
Notes: A Critique of Paul
July 17Geoff SuttonEditing Paul
July 24Doug OlenaPaul and the Material Spirit
July 31Doug OlenaPaul and the Material Spirit
The entire Closer to Truth video: What is the Theory of Everything with Leonard Susskind
August 7Marty MittelstadtPortraits of Paul
August 14Marty MittelstadtPortraits of Paul
August 21Rumy HristovaThe Gnostic Paul — Elaine Pagels
Rumy's Notes
August 28Lois Olena“What Meaneth This?” Notes
Questions Paul asked in Romans
Paul's preaching