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Fall 2017 Study

The Sin of Certainty by Peter Enns

Led by Class Members
September 24Geoff SuttonI Don't Know What I Believe Anymore; PDF :: Link to Geoff's Blog
October 1Bob BergHow We got Into This Mess
(Audio contains some noise, but class comments too.)
October 8Rumyana Hristova500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Read the Theologia Germanica online — the second most influential book in Martin Luther's life (Text Only)
Class PresentationTheologia Germanica Audio in Chapters :: Original Page
October 15Lois Olena"You Abandoned Me, God; You Lied" (and Other Bible Lessons)
October 22Eric & Ana FriesenTwo Miserable People Worth Listening To
October 29Doug OlenaBelieving in God: So Easy Even a Demon Can Do It
November 5Doug OlenaUh-Oh: When Certainty Is Caught Off Guard (and Why That Might Not Be Such a Bad Idea)
November 12Marty Mittelstadt and Doug OlenaBreathe! (Intermission, Catch Up)
November 19Bob BergGod Wants You Dead
November 26Marty MittelstadtCultivating a Habit of Trust
December 3ET Christmas Program: NO CLASS TODAY
December 10Doug OlenaDownload PDF Beyond Trust
December 17I can't wait to see what's happening!!
December 24Christmas Service Main Sanctuary: NO CLASS TODAY
December 31Paneraon Battlefield across from the mall.