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Spring Session 2024

Beginning on April 7 we will begin a journey through Genesis. At the suggestion of Bob Hanson, we will be using the Bill Moyers documentary on Genesis: A Living Conversation. Each week we will hold our discussion around the topic provided in the schedule below. The videos of this conversation will be made available to class members through a private link to avoid public distribution.

The conversations on the videos do not necessarily revolve around evangelical presuppositions. The videos are meant as rational stimulus for conversation not aiming necessarily at “orthodox” views.
Volunteers, (you) will guide the discussion each week. You should feel free to stick as closely or loosely to the video suggestions as you wish. How the discussion goes will be up to you. We should assume that people have watched the video conversations.
Date Instructor Topic
April 7 Doug Olena Kickoff and Genesis: Episode 1, In God's Image
April 14 Nathan Davis Genesis: Episode 2, Temptation
April 21 Geoff Sutton Genesis: Episode 3, The First Murder
April 28 Geoff Sutton Genesis: Episode 4, Apocalypse. Reading
Fellowship takes place at the Mittelstadts
May 5 Don Tosh Genesis: Episode 5, Call and Promise
Reading with Questions
May 12 Rumy Hristova William Blake's Art, Writing, and Genesis
Genesis from the Huntington Emuseum with William Blake
May 19 Nate Nelson Genesis: Episode 6, A Family Affair
Transcription with highlights for attention: Show
May 26 General Discussion and Fellowship Brentwood Library
June 2 Lois Olena Genesis: Episode 7, The Test (Akedah)
Akedah Paper 1985 (12 MB)
Notes for Class
Moyer Discussion Transcript
June 9 Nate Nelson Genesis: Episode 8, Blessed Deception
Links to Prep Sources re: Moyers Video 8
June 16 LaDonna Friesen Genesis: Episode 9, God Wrestling
June 23 Doug Olena Genesis: Episode 10, Exile
June 30 Fellowship Location: Lois and Doug Olena's
July 7 Doug Olena New Study